Customer Testimonials


Wow! I’m excited…

His help with value development makes Bernd Wenske more interested. Based on the suggestions from his keynote speech, we will rethink the mission statement with one of our customers.

Stefan Stengel – glocalconsult

Working with Bernd Wenske is result-oriented, with no hot air. Some of the ideas woke me up. Thank you very much, dear Mr Wenske, for your very inspiring impulses.

Jochen Dziumbla, Lapp Insulators GmbH

A speaker who thinks wisely encourages action and leads by example.
Natalja Latsinova, Kliewe GmbH


Clear and practical…

I listened to Bernd Wenske, and he touched me. It is a pleasure to listen to him, even on complex topics. Bernd Wenske stands for what it says.
Iwona Tscheinig, GGL Austria

Thank you for the precise and practical presentation! It offers beautiful guidance to make decisions more accessible and make changes.
Astrid Storz, Public Service Advisor

Very professional. Profound expertise and lots of experience.
Ana Milena Hernandez


What I appreciate about Bernd Wenske’s keynote speech is how it provides concrete and practical support: to use personal development and respectful communication as basic tools for upcoming and necessary change processes in a goal-oriented manner.
Gil Koebberling, Hannomedia

Wow! I’m enthusiastic about Bernd Wenske. Bernd brings essential impulses in the business area for good decisions. He is a source of inspiration and a pointer to solutions. I am excited about Bernd.
Daniela Degoutrie, ATMEN

Clear edge! Role model function. Definitive.
Harald Jander, Weidmann GmbH & Co KG

Bernd Wenske is an incredibly inspiring speaker who can still provoke appreciatively. The man has something to say.
Leonie and Markus Walter

Coach and Networker

I particularly liked the evident communication style and many practical examples that Bernd Wenske used during his presentation.
Katarina Durdenic,
Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law

I can highly recommend Bernd Wenske. Thanks to his knowledge as a coach and networker, who keeps himself informed on the market, he can lead everyone present to their individual goal. Very helpful for everyone who is in the integration process in Germany on the precise path to German companies.
Maria Carolina Lozano, Colombia

We learn to achieve high-performance performance through synergies within our workgroups and social interaction. Bernd Wenske’s impulse helps us to achieve the best result of our joint work based on intercultural circumstances.
MSc. Yasiel Delabat Diaz (Havana University)
PhD at German Electron Synchrotron (DESY)